Friends of Almighty Jesus


 Keep in mind that the Bible has not changed, but how people are deceived has. Seek out the Spirit of Jesus. If you choose to read or listen to the Bible, then do so with careful discernment. The contents of the Bible only assist in revealing the Truth. Jesus Is the foundation of Life; Not the written text.   


 Those who are in full agreement with the True Spirit of Jesus will know one another by their confession. Jesus wants a personal relationship with those who have put aside the cares of the world.  


 All of the Church is built upon the Spirit of Jesus. All members of the Church have the same Spirit and should worship Jesus 7 days a week. One cannot “go to church”. The Body of Jesus is a Living Body of people and where the people go, so goes the Church.  


 Wellness begins with a foundation, from the Spirit of Jesus to the gut flora. Knowing what is bad for the body, but doing it anyway is rebellion and within time sickness will manifest. Now nourishing the body with unprocessed whole foods and oxygenating the body with simple exercises will prevent sickness and cure disease. 


In order to hear from Jesus you must first listen, not ask. Be content, let patience work, and don't expect, just be ready for what is to come.