America's Most Precious Resource, Gasoline.

<-- This is too common of an occurrence at stations all across the country.

 During busy summer months some stations get two fills a day at up to 8000 gallons a pop.  At a very modest rate the U.S. consumes over 40,000 of these full tankers daily, in gasoline alone. These numbers are appalling and they are a clear sign of dependency. The American people are in a very vulnerable position. A fuel supply disruption is a Real Threat and is also why so much military presence must be used to guard it. It's only a matter of time before the seemingly endless flow of this liquid gold is reduced to a trickle. If even for a short season, this countries economy would collapse.   

Where is the Sense of Urgency?

The Uni-Mod engine is a viable solution for reducing fuel consumption.

 The need for efficient electrical and mechanical power generation is critical to our progress, if not to our survival. Unless fuel prices go up, fuel consumption will continue to rise. Uni-Mod Engines can lead this nation in a 20% reduction of fossil fuel use, while maintaining our current standard of living. Not to mention that increasing fuel efficiency in the transportation sector alone would dramatically reduce air pollution.