The Uni-Mod Hydraulic Engine


  The Uni-Mod is a universal  opposed piston,  two-cycle, "crankless" engine, comprised of 2 combustion chambers with 2 pistons per chamber.  Internal combustion explosions impact against a lever arm extracting as much energy as possible. This mechanical energy is directly converted into fluid power.  During engine operation all moving parts on one side of the front and rear fulcrums move simultaneously away from each other as all moving parts on the opposite side move towards each other. This provides a perfectly balanced combustion sequence.


  A built in super-charger provides air input and unlike most 2-cycles the Uni-Mod engine has what we call “perfect scavenging”. Input air-fuel mixtures are forced up against the exhaust gases in a manner that does not allow the new air-fuel mixture to go out the exhaust ports.  The Uni-Mod operates at a constant speed and does not idle. This maximizes overall efficiency and keeps the air-fuel mixture controlled, reducing harmful emissions. Our current Uni-Mod design is sized to produce roughly 40 HP.



  All components and operating fluids that make up a Uni-Mod engine are contained in standard shaped modular cases.   Modules are plugged into "hydraulic bus-bars". A Uni-Mod operates solo or in parallel with as many modules needed.  A Uni-Mod module can be easily swapped out of a system for service.  This significantly reduces down time and makes for a very "mechanic friendly" machine.  

A Truly Service Friendly Engine


Zero Down Time and Superior Reliability

 As seasoned mechanics, designing the Uni-Mod to be easily serviced has been a top priority. Too many knuckle busters and too many hours spent threading in one bolt. Crankshaft engines are too jamb packed with bulky castings and emission controls. Catalytic converters, turbos, huge radiators are clear indicators of a terrible thermal efficiency.   

Uni-Mod Engine Overview

Uni-Mod and Crankshaft Engine Comparison