On Site, On Demand

The Uni-Mod Will Serve Our Primary Energy Needs.

  Converting renewable energy into usable energy will play a huge role in the near future. However, fossil fuel burning internal combustion engines, furnaces, and boilers all supply the large majority of today's energy needs. 

  Considered a Micro-CH&P (combined heat and power) the Uni-Mod engine system is twice as efficient as current  methods of generating and distributing heat and electricity. By nature of its design the Uni-Mod can burn the cleanest of renewable fuels like bio-gases and hydrogen or more efficiently burn fossil fuels. 

  Fuel Should Not be burned in an open flame. Far more work can be done when fuel is burned in a controlled pressurized chamber. 

  A Uni-Mod system can directly produce electricity or provide all HVAC needs, while storing reserve energy in hydraulic accumulators or batteries.

  This model of energy production and distribution applies to all home, business, commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings. Multiple micro-grids in any community will increase energy security and decrease utility operation costs.